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buried every year into fertilizer or bioenergy. and no throwing your pizza crust to the pigeons doesn't count. and when it comes to leading a conscious low-impact life, let us emulate the buddha, who always flew private to avoid the riff rav at tsa and -- wait. what? no, actually, the buddha taught the ideals of simplicity and self-restraint. so why are these thai buddhist monks living large at 35,000 feet? with their aviator shades and somebody's louis vuitton bag over there. the men are reportedly on a religious tour of europe. and scorn has been thick since the video hit youtube. even the director general of the national office of buddhism in thailand promised they will be given a stern talking to just as soon as they get iphone reception on kanye's yacht. how do you know if you've found nirvana if you don't look on kanye's yacht first? thank you for watching abc news. our friends at gma will catch you up in the morning. we're always online at see you tomorrow.
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>> live breaking news.
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breaking news happening in union city where a 6-year-old boy has been mauled by a dog. badly. ge. >> i'm carolyn johnson. attack happened on elizabeth way and group city city where allen is e for us tonight with the latest on this. allen? >> about alameda county fire department says 6-year-old boy was mauled today by a pit bull or pit bull mix. he was quickly taken to law seal packard chirp hospital. happened at the home on elizabeth way around 11:00 o'clock this morning. alameda county fire has not cop firmed the boy's death but neighbor tells us he spoke with the boy uncle who says his nephew died t lost too much blood. the neighbor says the boy lived with his grandparents and several cousins. >> real nice family. >>reporter: tell me about him. >> just always real nice. play
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outside all the time. always having a good time. real good kids. just really sad that this has happened. >>reporter: neighbors say there were 2 pit bulls that lived at the home and animal control took at least one of those dogs away. yawn city police department isn't commenting on this tonight but will give us more details tomorrow morning. reporting live in union cityal help, 7 news. >> what a shame allen thank you very much. >> another worker has been attacked at napa state hospital. this time safety device staff wear because of past attack around the neck may the reason she's all right. cornell is live tonight at napa at the hospital. cornell? >> the nurse will be okay but this is fifth assault in recent years. recent safety improvement this time may have indeed saved a life. medical worker arrive at napa state hospital the signs are the first thing they see. pd as
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stands for personal distress alarm system. it's the same device nurse activated sunday night when suddenly attacked by a patient. emergency alarm were so you knowed throughout the hospital. giving the nurses exact location. >> other staff members responded medley to the alarm. the patient was arrested by hospital police without further incident. >> nurse went to hospital on her own. she was treated and released. >> disturb that you that happened. >> staffer who doesn't want his face on camp are said the nurse's life may have been saved by t wireless wireless pds device, same one he wears usually around his neck. can't be choked with it because it's designed to break away. if an attacker pulls too hard. >> no cell phone you can call the police department by pulling it. >>reporter: alarm were launched last yeaunched last yee donna grotion will glos strangled bay patient in 20 othk
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techbility other attack since then but violent patients. yawn demanded for safety improvements and 13 more hospital police officers have been hired. in nap a-abc 7 news. >> developing news tonight. police in vallejo investigate deadly drive by shooting that left 3 people dead and others wooped. we were over the scene as police investigated. they say all of there adultsctims are adults targeted. looking in a possible gang time. developing news in the south bay tonight where police are looking for the hit run driver who killed some one. happened on the take already street overpass at highway 87. very close to downtown san jose. lillian is on the story with late develops. >> small section of bumper may critical piece of evidence. investigators say it came off the vehicle that hit and killed the bicyclist. police looking for the person behind the whether he will. asking witnesses to kilometer forward
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about witness might not even know what they saw. might get home and see this on the news and realize i saw something today that turn out to be a fatality and may call us and give us useful information. >> he was found lying on the ground with the mangled bike few yards away. police say riding on the east bound lanes of tyler street when struck and kill. 19th deathn jose san jose so far this year. 13th on a bike. they are if the suprised to hear about the latest fatality. >> people drive like maniac around here. this area is horrible. just scream down the road. pull off the freeway. good to turn don't pay attention e.near by residents hope police find the personal responsible and wanted for hit-and-run. investigators say they can use it to determine the vehicle's make, model and year. this is abc 7 news. >> cal train service disrupted
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during rush hour police try to catch a map armed in san than from a. the station shut down for about an hour and trains were stop at both direction. man was waving a knife open overpass above the station. police eventually talked him down. now being evaluated at the hospital. >> new at 11:00th attack at scene ick outlook in the east bay. same area where a man was killed breaking autopsy fight last month. open saturday morning along grizzly peak boulevard in berkeley 2 men attacked and robbed a kim. beat the man in the head with a handgun before taking off with the stuff. no within has been arrested. 3 cal students attacked by nearly a dozen people in that same year earlier this month. >> evacuation order where wildfire burning out of control near yot might national park. the fire engulfed 1600 acres and still growing because of gusty wind and dry brush. fair is 15 percent contained tonight. >> grass fire near petaluma
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this afternoon before 3:30 on thompson lanes. crew stopped the favor before any homes danieled. charred about 20 acres before it was contained. >> so it has been gusty. question is how long will these windy conditions last. spencer is here with life doppler 7 hd. >> short answer at least through tomorrow have breezy through wind conditions with winds normal on wednesday. mainly mostly clear sky around bait area right now. windy conditions were like around the time of the fire. we were generally windy all around the bay area at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. up in the north bay near the fire we had wi fire wet up to 20 miles per hour. novato up to 23 miles per hour at santa rosa. these aren't 4ful danieling gust but will fan the fumes of fire. wind quite light. palm in the north bay and gusty areas are fairfield and hayward but wednesday pick up tomorrow
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afternoon and breezy day and 7 day forecast later. >> thanks. graphic testimony today from the victim of brutal 2009 rape and beating at richmond hay school. in court today the 20-year-old said she doesn't remuch saying quote i remember not saying anything bem anything because my eye were his closed i was holding on to my necklace and connect in the stomach. she said she didn't drink or cop sent to have sex. she still has scars from the horrible night. 2 men currently on trial for rape. 4 others charged. 2 others accepted plea deal. we obtained this video showing outrageous robbery of 67-year-old woman aboard a muni streetcar on t.third street taken in the bay view district. last tuesday night nearly a week ago. now this video shows 2 girls walking to the front of of streetcar. of them hit the woman right in the face. girl snatched 2 purse from his their victim. they
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contain and cell phone. investigators believe that they are only 13 major 14 years ofage age. victim suffered a bruised cheek. naked man who harassed bart passengers last month has been arrested again for that incident and this time he will face charges. you tube video shows him terrorizing bart station on may 10. today he was rearrested with the help of immigration officials in sap frachbility he now faces two felony counts of false imprisonment. 4 counts of battery and one count of sexual battery. set to be aripped in the morning. not charged previously because of lack of evidence you. >> just ahead at 11. big scare on international flight. man goes on a rant. you hear from a passenger who was on that plane and saw what happened. >> also. bart is preparing its riders for a possible strichblingt date you want to sishling on your calendar. sishling on your calendar. >> out with the
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>> traffic reporter leyla.
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>> accused serial killer joseph addressed marin county jury for the first time this afternoon. 79-year-old is acting as his own attorney and in opening statements he said he's not guilty of killing 4 women. two in cuba county in the early 90's and 2 others in marin and contra costa county in the late 70's. he said quote i'm not the monster who killed these women. i don't do. that i date it. i dance. i don't kill people. but he did not sway courtroom observers. >> very hard to get away with murder. they found d na they
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found all the belongings in his house. you know. not looking good. >> prosecution put on display of evidence found in the reno home and safe deposit boxes during 2010 probation search including photo of some of the victims who appeared to be unconscious or dead. jump says the trial may last 5 months. in the mean time 7 news i team uncovered a possible fifth vichlt you cap find dan exclusive report on 7 >> unrulyy passenger on united airlines flight from honk con to newark, new jersey caused maim scare when he screamed mid flight when he poisoned everyone on board. police fbi agent were there when it lande landed. agents boarded the plane took the man into custody passengers said the man screamed had he secret from the ci. a and mention whistle blower snowden a few times. >> he said he was going to die. he was going to become a
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non-persons. would disappear. maybe it's true maybe it's not. >> flight attendant and fore other passengers tackle the man and restrained him. taken to new jersey hospital and questioned which the federal. wild one. richmond city council might sue one of the own council members over the up keep of his property. codeen democrats and republicansment officers say that council member if lot is out of compliance and not cleaning it up. he says he has a court order allowing him to store and sell these items here but the city says he has old battery leaking contaminating the soil. >> all asphalt out. >> car battery are on as fall. they are on a pallet. >> in our view he's out of compliance and needs to be abated. illegal junk yard. >> he has been on the lot has had this lot for 30 years. he claims it's vep debt a because he opposes council majority.
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council meets tomorrow in close session to decide what to do next. >> new. bart warning ride investigators be prepared in case of a strike. bart now sending out e-mails to passengers telling them how to sign for alert in case of work stoppage. no progress from 3 week of talk. current contract ends june 30. find link on our web site. >> the word hp pavilion four gone from the san jose shark home arena. crew took down the letters today. arena has been renamed the sa p center. shark majority owner is the sa p founder. daily will pay 1.1 -- pay out 1.6 million dollars to both the city and the team each quite a lucrative deal. >> still a shark tank. >> always that. looking for warm-up with the official start of the sher. >> spencer is in for sandy
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tonight. >> we may have to wait a couple days for the warm-up but it's come our wait a minute mostly clear sky near the coast and breezy in some spots and here's live view looking along embarcadero on mainly clear night. 54 in san francisco. 58 in oakland. mountain view 69. 60 san jose. lacking back at the low clouds moving in to san francisco right now. other temperature raeld readings. 60 fairfield 59 union city. as we look at the golden gate bridge also look at our forecast features. low cloud fog spreading across the bay locally inward and below average high pressure tomorrow and wednesday but start to warm-up ends the end ovtd week summer arrives. fog parent morning hours and early evening and fog did aattach itself to portions of the coast line. didn't last very long. stant stay along the entire coast
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line because nice steady breeze this pattern brought cal conditions along the coast and relatively cool conditions around the bay as well. same pattern next couple days and we see a pool of consolidate air dropping down from the northwest reinforcing average pattern tomorrow will be the coolest day in the 7 day forecast pavrmentd temperatures will blow the averaging for this time of the yearth. overnight tonight low clouds fog work their way across the basement low pressure mainly low mid 50's. low drop down to 50 degrees in some spots. possibly even a little bit below fen then tomorrow in the soft bay please than thely summer ranging from upper 60's to 70. san jose top the at sfoun degrees. peninsula we see high from mid 60's to right around 70 at palo alto and mountain view. 66 san mateo o. on the coast breezy cool high
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of 55. downtown san francisco breezy pleasantly cool with fwoochlt north bay mainly low to mid 70's from 72 at santa rosa to 74 at nap a.east bay breezy also. cooler than average but sunny pleasant. berkeley san leandro to union city and east bay a little bit milder than the nearest bay but not at the level you co-expect this time of the year mainly low to mid 70's watching into the upper 70's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. a little bit warmer on thursday then turs nature at 10:0fore pacific daylight time. summer solstice occurs so first 2 day of summer friday saturday will be nice and warm within land high in the upper dwroys around 90 degrees. now 7 news another great weather resource for you. follow all weather development at live doppler 7 hd on twitter. latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine an video forecast info
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and tweet from your favorite weather team and main as well. >> as it should you be. >> thanks. >> we want to tell you we do have a new smart phone app to help keep you on top of the latest breaking news weather traffic. >> easy to watch live breaking news as it happens when on the go. we also have a section there for all the stories that you want to share on facebook and twitter. easy to down load go to our web site for all of the details. >> dpu have our current app you will in he had to down load the use one. old one going away soon. again the web site 7 slash app. >> so check this out when you can. >> coming up next can barry stop the red h >> real dog fight a tonight at
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at&t park as giants try to snap the padres 6 game win streak. this game is now in extra innings. getting foul ball called for high 5 all around. trailing 1 nothing the giants took the lead with 3 runs in the fourth. sanchez brings home belt with the single off of he had i sochbility barry
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pitched well striking out season high 8 of 5 and 2 third innings. but after he 11 the contest the padres tie it up in the seventh. chase with the big base hit off gene. go to the 9th. still tied. single up the middle off sergio. to third but rookie with a great throw. guns him doi down. looked like the giants add one with man on second. perez sends this pitch deep to center but will philly makes unbelievable grab tone the inning. now the 13th game still tied at 3 appease. >> first place a's were intexaso texas trying to take advantage of struggling rangers team. they lost all 6 games at home but in this second aj takes tan down the line for a good spot. given it up in the last says starts. rangers made it 3ing in before the a's batted around
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in the fourth scoring 6 times. cocoa crisp drives home l lowery 6 nothing but up big forth rangers 3 for 4 with 4 rbi puts the sale on the fifth. 2 run blast dead center. 18th of the year made it 7-6 texas. town by one in the 9th. a's tying round aat second but pop up to end the game here. 8-7 the final. oakland now to 2. stanley cup final with game 3 in boston. didn't need all the time. scoring came in the second. bruins beat chicago crawford. fourth goal of the play offs. 6 minutes left in the perfect. boston scores on the power play. l bergeron lights up the lamp. 2 nothing the time as goalie got way saves. bruins take a sires lead. game 3 in boston. you
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can watch game 6 of the nba finals right here on channel 7 followed by after the game with our special guest warrior general manager bob myers. spurs need one more win to capture the fifth nba title. right now looks like the heat is 7 upon the favorite to win game 6. in fact still favored to whip the entire series but spurs have a game lead writ now. update on the giants gale. 4-3 padres now. >> top of the thirteenth. hopefully the giants come back there at the bottom. >> thanks very much. >> all right up next. nasa ne newest astronaut just 40's the bay area. >> really remarkable daring mission is he has been asked to good on. stay with
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>> look at the wake up weather tomorrow morning at 5:00 o'clock. areas of wide spread low clouds and a little pit of fog near the coast as well. at 5:00 o'clock also be a little bit on the cool side with temperatures ranging from 50 to 56 degrees. sunrises at 5:48 then by 8:00 o'clock in the morning as many will be commuting temperatures will have wrist ep just a little bit. between 52 and 60 degrees. >> okay spencer thanks so much. >> after 84 and a half going through 6000 applicant nasa
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chosen 4 men and 4 women to train to become astronauts. >> one of them is from the bay area. lead company. nicole man is major in the u.s. marine corps and fighter pilot. she's from pen grove in sonoma county and went to stanford. >> she and 7 other men and women could take part invite first human mission to asteroid and to mars. >> that's a daring trichlt tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the first american wait a moment in space sally ride. also stanford graduate as well. congratulations to her huge honor. >> quickly update open the giants game. still top of the 13th. >> bases loaded as well. doesn't look good writ now. >> well fingers crossed? that's our report. >> bottom of the 13th. 7 news continues tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. always available at abc 7 on facebook and twitter at this site. >> check us out there for all of us here, we appreciate your of us here, we appreciate your time. have a good night.
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ability is coming into question. he said a lot of things. reciting his social security number. his date of birth. obviously, very paranoid. he claimed he worked for an american embassy in abu dhabi.
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and this is on the heels of two or three other flights coming into the united states that had to be diverted or something happened on the plane where people were worried about, you know, there was a note found in one plane. this is happening over and over again. though this man seems to have some kind of mental in capacity. it's worrisome that it's happening altogether. >> on a plane you have to take everything seriously. >> yeah, the gentleman who calmed him down. spoke to him for five hours. he's being hailed a hero this morning. >> give the guy frequent flier miles. >> least we could do for him. now to a terrible crash in the los angeles area freeway made for a nightmare evening ride for commuters. caused by the wrong way driver of the white pickup truck you see there. the driver was going south in the northbound lanes. at least eight vehicles were involved in the collision. a dozen injured. three critically. the freeway had to be closed for three hours. >> we think you will get what is going on here pretty quickly.
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round and around they go. the boat you see -- the waters off of tampa, florida, well there were two people who were on board. they had fallen into the water. the boat just kept on going in circles until it ran out of fuel. boaters were rescued and towed to safety with no problems. >> better than going way out into the deeps. >> at least going in a circle. >> boat in the bathtub, right? >> all right, high levels of pollution could pose greater risk to pregnant women than first thought. a harvard study shows american women who live in areas with high pollution levels was twice as likely to deliver a child with autism. thousands of women were studied along with pollution records from the government. the researchers want more studies now that they've uncovered this link. >> americans hit the road for vacation, encouraging news. the average price for a gallon is $3.63. down three cents in the past week. prices dropped dramatically in michigan, wisconsin.
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and indiana. refinery problems pinched supplies there. >> ford motor company has made a major decision about the dashboard designs after widespread complaints. ford's touch screens which control the radio, climate control and functions have been trouble prone according to reliability surveys. the automaker is bringing back old-fashioned knobs, buttons, dials. a top ford executive tells "the wall street journal," height tech systems have been a selling point. critics are pointing out that they're needlessly complex. >> boy, oh, boy, are they. facebook question of the day. let us know on the fans page. >> i like a volume control, i like a knob for volume. >> i like to be able to touch the things. the touch screen, some times goes haywire, got to bring your car in to control your climate. >> smart screens. you need a degree to turn on the windshield wipers.


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